Motto/ Vision:                         Books are for Use;

Every Reader his/her Book;

Every Book its Reader;

Save the time of the Reader.


About Us:


The Library at Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College started in the year 1990, the inception year of the College, with a modest collection of 2229 Volumes of books.

Today the library boasts of being fully computerized with overall total collection of approximately 45,000 documents.

The library forms an integral component of teaching-learning pedagogy by providing an important platform for academic discourse and intellectual exchanges.


Working Days:      Monday to Friday (Excluding Public Holidays)

                          Library Hours                :  9.00 A.M to 5.00 P.M

                          Transaction Hours         :  9.30 A.M to 3.30 P.M


  • It also remains open till 8:00 pm on all regular working days towards the end of every semester from one month prior to till last day of examination.
  •   During this period the library also remains open on Saturdays.




The collection of the library is comprised of textbooks, reference books, bound volumes, journals/magazines, newspapers and other non-book materials such as CD-ROMS/ DVD, Audio Cassettes etc. in different subject areas such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Computer Science, Electronics, Political Science, Economics, Commerce, Technology, Arts, English/Hindi/Sanskrit Literature, History and General Reading.


The total Collection of different categories of documents in the library as on 31.03.2019 is as follows:


  1. Book                                            : 45,590    Volumes
  2. Journal/ Magazine                        : 72  
  3. Newspaper                                   : 15          
  4. CD/ DVD                                     : 850
  5. Bound Volume                                       : 613
  6. Syllabi                                          : 40
  7. Question Papers Set                     : 100
  8. Book Bank                                   : 1305

The entire collection of the library is arranged according to their subject classification. These are broadly arranged in the below given order as per DDC Classification Scheme manual:


000 Computer science, Knowledge & systems

020 Library & information sciences

030 Encyclopedias & books of facts

070 News media, journalism & publishing

100 Philosophy 

150 Psychology

160 Philosophical Logic

170 Ethics

200 Religion

300 Social sciences, sociology & anthropology

310 Statistics

320 Political science

330 Economics

340 Law

400 Language

410 Linguistics

420 English & Old English languages

490 Other languages

500 Science

510 Mathematics

520 Astronomy

530 Physics


540 Chemistry

550 Earth sciences & geology

560 Fossils & prehistoric life

570 Life sciences; biology

580 Plants (Botany)

590 Animals (Zoology)

600 Technology

610 Medicine & health

620 Engineering

650 Management & public relations

660 Chemical engineering

700 Arts & recreation

800 Literature, rhetoric & criticism 

810 American literature in English

820 English & Old English literatures

890 Other literatures

900 History & geography

910 Geography & travel

920 Biography & genealogy

950 History of Asia


Facilities/ Services


The library is spread over three spacious floors covering a total area of 2550 square meter where different sections of the library function. The library has following broad lay-out:


  • Stack Area (3rd floor) – This area houses subject-wise text-books and other books primarily meant for circulation among students and faculty.
  • Reference Collection (4th floor) – This is comprised of reference books arranged subject-wise in book-cases under closed access.
  • Reading Hall (5th floor) – It has a capacity to accommodate over 220 students in the seating area. The collection of text-books arranged in book-cases under close access, kept here is meant for consultation only.
  • Circulation Counter (3rd floor) – The Counter deals in all the issue-return transaction. This also houses some of the titles which are under frequent consultation, Question-papers and syllabi. Reference query, issue of library membership card, clearance, late-fine etc. are all dealt at this desk.
  • Periodical/ Magazine Display (5th floor) – The two racks display magazines & some journals which are subscribed by the library. These are arranged alphabetically for easy retrieval.
  • Faculty Reading Hall and E-resource Section (4th floor) - The front half of the 4th floor of the library has seating area dedicated for the faculty. It also has a computer hub which can be used by students and faculty. To promote e-learning, the computer hub comprising of 15 systems forms part of 100 Mbps optical fiber RAILTEL backbone with connectivity to University of Delhi.
  1. Internet Service: Students, faculty and staff utilize this computing infrastructure for Internet access, for retrieving the University Library subscribed e-resources and for other computer based assignments.


  1. Print-out Service: The Computer Hub has one dedicated Laser Printer for printing job. Students are charged Re. 1.00 per page for the print-outs.


The entrance and exit of the 4th floor is prohibited for use by students.

Library Services


The library provides many services based on its collection. Some of them are:


  1. Bibliographic Service–The library prepares subject-wise bibliography of books on a specific topic of interest as per the requirement of the user.
  2. Current Awareness Service–Through this service, users are made aware about new books which arrive in library on quarterly basis.
  3. Book Bank Service – This service is made available to students belonging to SC/ST/OBC and other economically weaker sections. This privilege entitles the student to borrow 3 to 4 books of their choice available in the book bank collection for the entire duration of a semester or whole year. Application for this facility is normally invited in the last week of September every year.
  4. Database/ Article Search – The library performs article search on the subscribed e-journals databases and other e-resources available in the public domain on a specific topic of interest. The search results along with the available full text are provided to the members in soft copy form.
  5. Newspaper clipping service - The library provides newspaper clipping service covering relevant topics of education, teaching, learning, research and news related to educational institutions and agencies based on select national dailies.





  • The library carries out its operation through a dedicated network of 12 computer systems with a Server. All its functions are performed using a professional software package. 
  • The entire collection of the library is bar-coded and with the help of Omni-directional table top bar-code scanners, books are issued to students when they present their bar-coded Library ID Card.
  • The transaction when completed generates a check-out slip which is required to be submitted at check-point before carrying out the book outside the library beyond the designated point.
  • The students can browse, search and locate library books using Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) terminal. Members can also check their library account by keying in their user ID in the OPAC interface. 




Contact Us



Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College

(University of Delhi)

Sector 3, Dwarka

New Delhi-110078

Phone: 91-11-25099380 Extn. 3003, 3008-9, 3015