Fin S Club




Convener- Dr. Anil Kumar

Co- Convener- Dr. Rakesh Kumar Saini






External Webinars


Fuel your pocket money using Stock markets


12 July 2020


Speakers: Dhruv Tuli, Dhaval Mehta,(Founders of Investmentor)


2 hrs


Commodity Derivatives and hedging mechanisms


16 September 2020


Ms. Veena Kumari

(Manager in SEBI), Mr. Sanjay Gakhar (MCX)


2 hrs



Technical Analysis by IM Stocks


30 Jan 2021



Hosted by Dhruv Tuli

( Founder IM stocks)


2 hrs


Decoding the Union Budget’21


5 Feb 2021

Kumar Bijoy (Professor, SSCBS, DU) gave his analysis

of the Union Budget


1.5 hrs


Equity Research: Analysing Companies



28 Feb 2021


Abhilash Das (IIM Ranchi) discussed with the attendees about his techniques of fundamental research.




Technical Analysis (part 1)


5 March 2021

Himanshu Sardana (Visiting faculty at BSE Institute) gave the members a detailed session on candlesticks, and technical analysis for stock markets.




Technical Analysis (part 2)


14 March 2021


Himanshu Sardana (Visiting faculty at BSE Institute)




Acing Case Competitions


20 April 2021


Aayush Gupta, Ananta Chhajer (IIM Ahmedabad)


2.5 hrs

             Online Events


Bulls and Bears


3 July 2021

This was a Blackbox based, our online trading mock stock

platform, competition.



Mafia City


4 July 2021


This was the 2nd part of our flagship event of Finanza 2020. It was based on the concept of creating one’s own mafia empire and managing its finances.


Intra Society Events/Sessions


New Batch Recruitment


27 November 2020


A series of quizzes and interviews along


15-17 Days





with a corporate crisis case study was conducted to select

the best.


Corporate scam assignment

27 December 2020

Members were asked to prepare a PPT on various scams and present them in a

meeting after a few days.

2 Weeks

Basics of Stock Markets

5 January 2021

Introduced the

members to the world of stock markets.


2 hrs

Graphic Design Session 1

1 Feb 2021

Taken by our president and head graphic designer Ayush Nanda to understand the understanding of new members on Graphic



2 hr

Basics of Photoshop

16 Feb 2021

Taken by Ayush Nanda

2 hr

Basics of photoshop 2

24 Feb 2021

1.5 hr

Introduction to trading

16 January 2021

Hosted by Shubh Garg and Ayush Nanda about the basics of trading for the new vertical department of trading

in the society.



Doubt Session on trading

28 January 2021

Took Doubts of new members

1 Hr

Basics of Technical Analysis

29 January 2021

Taken by The core council explaining

candle patterns and basics.

2 hrs

Financial Discussion

4 April 2021

Discussed about how people are doing in the markets and encouraging non- traders to open



1.5 hr

Basics of research

18 Feb 2021

Discussed about fundamental analysis

and research

2 hrs

Discussion on Society

5 April 2021


Discussed about how to go ahead with the research division.Came across

a platform Investinghub and


2 hrs





were given assignments.



Assignment Discussion


10 May 2021


Discussed the members’ assignments and learning from



3 hrs


Fundraising Meeting

30 January 2021

Discussed about objectives of

fundraising and how to do it for the society.



Fundraising Ideation

31 January 2021

Discussed various

ideas for the society funds.

2 hrs

Blackhop Session

8 April 2021

Had a fun mock stock session for members

on our platform.

2 hrs




Fin-S, The Finance Club of DDUC

 Annual Report 2019-20

Convener- Dr. Anil Kumar  

Co- Convener- Dr. Rakesh Kumar Saini    


Executive Council-

President – Kapil Mittal

Vice- President- Parth Agarwal

General Secretary- Rahul Jerath and Sakshi Goel

Joint- Screretary- Mohit Dawar and Vatsal Satija

Treasurer- Naman Gupta

Core- Committee Members- Vidhi Grover and Himanshu Bhola


Fin-S, The Finance Society of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College marked a remarkable year traced with knowledge sharing sessions, business finance discussions and brainstorming forums. The 2020 session was signed off by the successful and well appreciated flagship event of the society, FINANZA.


INDUCTION PROGRAMME (2nd – 7th September’19)

After an informative and interactive orientation for the new batch of students, the society kicked off with more than 100 students wanting to be a part of the society. This necessitated a rigorous selection procedure. While the first round tested aptitude of the students to act according to the situation through a corporate crisis, the other dealt with their basic knowledge of finance and competency to learn.


TRADER’S CUP (20th September’19)


After the recruitment of society members, they were exposed to the world of stock markets. Students were given stocks and their real time prices coupled with a plethora of news related to various sectors. They were supposed to deduce what impact would each news have on the stock prices and then trade accordingly. It gave them a real picture of how things happen in the stock market and developed an interest among them to learn and explore this new and interesting field.


Trekking the path of "Together we grow", it became an umbrella organisation to learn new skills, boost your confidence and diversify your interests.

The knowledge sharing sessions ranged from a tech savvy world of MS-Excel, stock market trading, business research and graphic designing to embracing the practicalities of trading and case studies. Fin-S didn't leave any stone unturned.


1) From a single cell to a spreadsheet, the Excel sessions were patiently handled to escalate to an advance understanding of the essential tool of finance. Workbook assignments were shared, and crosschecked by the team to ensure complete learning.


2) The research and development vertical took charge of ensuring inculcation of in-depth understanding and analytical skills by teaching the students to understand company reports from scratch.  


3) The graphic designing sessions emphasized on techniques of photo editing and poster designing. It encouraged the students to put their thinking caps on and explore their creativity.


4) The uncertainties of stock market were introduced by the trading sessions conducted by the team. They included studying charts of companies, familiarising with trading platforms and picking the right stocks after analysing the charts.


Talk on Banking Industry (1st October’19)


Banking is an important part of the economy and being finance students it becomes all the more important to understand this industry. Keeping this in mind we collaborated with the leading private bank, HDFC Bank in order to understand from the best in the industry. Mr. Shirish, a senior executive with HDFC Bank was the guest speaker who gave students an insight into the industry and what type of career options it has to offer.


FINANZA 20 (20th February’20)


We are the team with the largest heart, best preparation, deepest passion, strongest togetherness, and a will to succeed!

This day of prosperity is ours!

Let's create and capture greatness!  


With this very thought, Fin-S, The Finance Club of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College organized its annual flagship event, FINANZA’20. It proved to be one of the most exuberant finance festivals of the year with five nerve racking events, four eminent speakers, seminars, two world class online platforms and one standup comedian. 


The finance club launched the second edition of its annual finance magazine- Finzine..

Finzine consisted of articles related to pertinent business and economic happenings and interesting puzzles with contribution from the members of FinS.





There was a common prelim which was held for all the five events that took place in Finanza’20. This gave the participants a shot to take part in all the events as per their preference. The prelims included a quiz related to various aspects of business and economics.



Here the participants got a chance to interact with the astute minds of the financial industry. Sahil Khanna (Youtuber, Intellectual Indies), Mukul malik (Youtuber, Asset Yogi), Kundan Kishore (Director, Equity Research Wealthian) and Smriti Tomar (CEO and Founder of Stack) were on the panel discussion, which was conducted by Rahul Jerath. The discussion proved to be very informative that gave a deeper understanding of the Indian financial system to the audience.



In collaboration with Rotary Club of Delhi Capitol, participants had a golden chance to do something for the people in need. They were given a chance to donate blood which proved the basic ideology of Fin-S to contribute in the welfare of the society. The chief guest Mr. Deepak Gupta graced this camp with his presence. 



There were five events in total which tested financial acumen of the participants to the core:-



An event based on the concept of the popular TV show Money Heist, this event took the participants to another version of this show. They had to rob a bank and print as much currency as possible from a virtual minting machine. They also had to increase the printing rate which made the event more interesting and exciting.


Mafia City took the participants to the city where mafias rule. This embarked a journey of richest trades of all times- guns, drugs, gambling and horse-betting. They acquired their area of expertise and multiplied their profits by becoming a true mafia of the virtual world. 



This event was based on the time of war. The participants bid on their favorite country according to the situations given, managed troops, security, etc. They deployed troops on other countries and handled them. The best warriors were declared on the basis of their management skills.





Here the participants were given an experience on the live trading platform which functioned with the help of artificial intelligence. While most mock stock competitions rotate around the basic pen and paper old school events, MILLIONS- raised the benchmark and left participants wanting more from any subsequent DU competition. 



The event combined the best of Finance world with our shared love for animals, as it was based on portfolio management concept and at the same time creating a conscious awareness in the participants towards animals sensitization and the need for protecting them. Before the event, the volunteers from World Animal Protection took a session on working towards protecting wildlife.


The organising committee of all the events worked day and night to make the events worthwhile. And their continuous efforts in the right direction truly made an impact on the day of FINANZA’20.



No event is complete without an entertaining evening! Rajat Chauhan, one of most beloved stand-up comedians of all times graced the event with his presence. The auditorium was jam packed to watch him perform live. He made everyone laugh to his sense of humour and relatable anecdotes. It wasn't just him but also AKANKSHA SHARMA, who came as a surprise element and entertained everyone through her jokes and mimicry.


The Event witnessed a high footfall of students from leading Delhi University colleges like
SRCC, Hansraj, Hindu, Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce and other colleges
across Delhi-NCR. Participants had an opportunity to be acquainted with the rudiments of
stock markets and portfolio management where the sponsors like HDFC, Quantum, VLCC, The Education Tree, Houseitt among many others were in direct touch with the students. A highly positive feedback was received from the participants and they couldn’t wait for Finanza to come next year.


Finanza was an attempt from Fin-S’ desire to redefine the notion of DU college competitions. By resorting to digital events, Fin-S helped curb the excessive wastage of resources whilst providing the participants with an innovative take on society events. The participant feedback, coupled with the massive turnaround - Fin-S achieved its intended goals. The organizing committee has always been discontented with carrying on the status quo and has always been committed to innovation, to which Finanza was an ode.


CASE STUDY MEET (25th February’20)

Case Studies are an important medium of applying theoretical knowledge in the real world scenario. The case study interactions built the habit of seeing the problems as opportunities and trying different approaches to formulate a plan for the same. One such case study interaction was conducted by Ms. Aishwarya from Talerang institute of Career training. The students were made aware about concepts like constructing an issue tree used in the corporate world and guesstimates which is a widely used concept in cracking interviews.

JOSH – The inaugural event of THE ADVENTURE CLUB DDUC commenced on 18th September 2019, in the college sports ground lead by President Gaurav Nailwal, Girl head Vishakha and managed by entire working team under the guidance of the club convenor Dr. Arpita Sharma and Dr. Anil Kumar. There were two events, one was Marathon and the other was Tug of War. In our first event, 36 boys and 15 girls participated and they had to accomplish 5 and 3 rounds of college premises respectively. The first prize constituted a sum of 1000, the second had 700, followed by 500 for the third. The winners were felicitated with certificates and pre-laid cash prizes by college principal Dr. Hemchand Jain. Our second event, Tug of War was a knockout tournament sort and we had a total of 32 teams in which each team had 15 students comprising at least 5 girls. Fixtures were allotted a day prior to the event. It was BA Prog 1st year and PSCS 3rd year which made it to the finale. Eventually, PSCS cleared its way to a cash prize of 1500 given by hon’ble principal Dr. Hemchand Jain. The events ended up with the loud cheers and each of the team members enjoyed it to the hilt.


ESCAPADE- The Adventure Club of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College organized a trip to Frenzy Adventure on 3rd November 2019. The trip was lead by President of Escapade Gaurav Nailwal, Secretary Sumit Dhull and core team under Teacher convenor Dr. Arpita and Dr. Anil. For convenience, two buses were arranged for around 80 students from various disciplines. The 40 km distance from college to Frenzy Adventure was full of positive vibes in the environment which provided an opportunity for interaction of students from all courses. The place is known for its unique rides over the sprawling area. All the enthralling adventure activities were performed under skilled trainers. Major activities included Rocket Ejector, Sky cycling, Zip Line, Wall Climbing, Rope Courses, and lots of fun activities. The students had lunch and then set their feet to the dance floor. At last, friendly match of Kabbadi and Tug of War were organized which entertained both players and spectators. Finally, all students and teachers dispersed from college with lots of appreciation for the remarkable day.


ESCAPADE – The Adventure Club of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College organized four days, three nights trip for the academic year 2019-20 to the most-awaited place Chopta, Uttrakhand from 3rd March – 7th March 2020. The trip was lead by President of Escapade Gaurav Nailwal, Vice President Siddharth Birwal and managed by the Working Team  under the guidance of teacher convenor Dr. Arpita and Dr. Anil. Dr. Ashish Tripathi and Dr. Devina Shukla also accompanied the students on the trip. For convenience, one bus and a traveler was arranged for around 40 students from various disciplines. On 3rd March as dusk fell, the students and teachers gathered in college for departing to Uttrakhand and we left at 10 pm. It was about a 15-hour long journey and we reached our campsites by 2 pm the next day i.e. 4th March. The place was purely embellished with snow. The next day, students and teachers were ready with their crampons and alligators for safe snow trekking of about 4 kms with camp trainers cum guide. The place adorned on the Chandranath Parvat i.e. the highest Shiva Temple in the world, which is known as Tungnath. The next day was planned for another trek in Sari Village. Deoria Tal which is known for perched lake hidden inside the valley at a much lower altitude. Trainers explained the historical significance and importance of the lake to the students. Everybody was back by 5 pm and were refreshed with snacks. Then perfect dinner was served for every taste and that too with comforts of the bonfire in biting cold. Everybody was instructed to be ready at 4 am in the early morning to leave for Delhi. We had breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the way and arrived at college by 11:30 pm. The teachers and students departed to their homes from college with an unforgettable experience.


Core Team for Session 2019 – 2020


  1. President – Gaurav Jaiswal
  2. Vice President – Siddharth Birbal
  3. Secretary – Sumit Dhull
  4. Treasurer – Rishi Suri
  5. Girl head – Vishakha Bhardwaj
  6. Girl Co-head – Darshna Pandey
  7. Social Media Head – Ritika








Fin-S Session 2018-19 Compiled Report

Convener: Dr. Anil Kumar

Executive Council:
President: Porush Puri
Vice President: Keshav Makker
General Secretaries: Ansit Kaushal and Sarthak Dua
Joint Secretaries: Maulik Thapar and Parth Sethi
Treasurer: Anupam Agrawal



Someone rightly said- “Money does not dictate your lifestyle. It’s what you do to get it and how you manage your finances that determines your lifestyle.”

 In this competitive world, where people burn the midnight oil to secure their future, it becomes crucial to understand how to manage our finances. The team of FinS- the Finance Society of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, shares the same philosophy. In order to develop the financial acumen of young minds, the society organised a number of knowledge sharing sessions throughout the year.

These sessions covered an array of topics like understanding the technicalities of the stock markets, contemplating the reasons behind the failure of business giants like Lehman Brothers, the occurrence of economic bubbles like the Dot com bubble and the Tulip mania, and analysing the ways in which companies like Enron fooled the entire world. The President of the society, Porush, taught them how to analyse share prices and manage their trades.

The interactive discussions greatly helped in building the knowledge bank of the participants, especially the first-year students who were amazed to know the actual working of the markets.

Overall, the knowledge sharing sessions proved to be a successful and creative way of interpreting and analysing complex information.


FINANZA’19 – Annual Finance Fiesta


Fin-S, the Finance Club of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, organised its annual finance fest on 19 February 2019. The inaugural ceremony began with the principal gracing the occasion in the auditorium.


The club launched its first annual finance magazine, which included a message from the principal and convenor.

The main body of the magazine, comprised of articles touching upon pertinent business and economic happenings, written by Fin-S members.



There were five events in total which tested the financial acumen of the participants to the core.


1. 2008 REWIND- Recreating History

An event inspired by the financial crisis that shook the whole world. Participants had to prove their methodological decision-making skills and test their financial knowledge. Only the mental all-rounders, could prevail.


2. RISE OF AI (Live Trading Simulation)

A live trading platform which functioned on Artificial Intelligence. While most ‘mock stock’ competitions centre around basic applications of technology, RISE OF AI - upped the benchmark and left participants wanting more from any subsequent DU competition.


3. ALLUSION - The Finance Quiz

The Business and Finance Quiz which gave an opportunity to go up against the best. Participants were put through the rigor of four cognitively-onerous rounds. The presence of questions which required lateral thinking, made the competition even more fierce.



A gripping IPL auction with thrilling twists where you have to show your ability in managing resources efficiently and handle a cricket team and all the tricky situations.



Scream and Stream involved building a business empire and maximizing your revenue. It involved guesstimates and bidding on an online platform. Participants’ ability to make sound decisions under pressure was pushed to the limit.


The FinCup

The college with the maximum points in all events combined was awarded the annual finance trophy, the Fin Cup, a trophy initiated for the first time in any Delhi University event.





The Event witnessed a high footfall of students from leading Delhi University colleges like SRCC, Shaheed Sukhdev, Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce and other colleges across Delhi-NCR. Participants had an opportunity to be acquainted with the rudiments of stock markets and portfolio management where the sponsors like GuruQ, CIMA, LIC, NIC were in direct touch with the students. Very positive feedback was received from the participants and they couldn’t wait for Finanza to come next year.


Finanza was birthed, from Fin-S’ desire to redefine the notion of DU college competitions. The participant feedback, coupled with the massive turnaround - Fin-S achieved its intended goals and then some.


The organizing committee have always been dissatisfied with carrying on with the status quo. Fin-S has always been committed to innovation, to which Finanza was an ode.




E-Finanza held on 29th January 2019, served as a prelude to Finanza 2019. It pushed the envelope, by ambitiously amalgamating technology and business acumen – in a way, never seen before in the DU event circuit.

E-Finanza, journeyed its participants through a novel experience. An experience consisting of three enthralling yet rigorous rounds:

  1. Cryptomine: consisted of a preliminary and three higher-order rounds. Round 1 required contestants to indulge in lateral thinking and connect-the-dots between four or more, seemingly unconnected images.

Round 2 had contestants attempting questions centred around game theory and rational choice theory. Hence, participants had to choose answers which would be, according to them, the least selected.

Finally, round 3 saw contestants taking part in a new-age mock stock, wherein, pieces of news and their effect had to be appropriately judged.

This event saw an enthusiastic response with a total of 57 team registrations.


  1. Hedge Hammer: could only be termed as visionary. On the face, a simple mock stock exchange, there was far more under the surface. Contestants had to prudently assign their capital amongst stocks, futures and more, so as to ascertain the most valuable portfolio.

Hedge Hammer is the closest, E-Finanza participants have come to being a portfolio manager.




  1. BID Adieu: was the ultimate conclusion in this one-of-a-kind event. Consisting of two intensive bidding rounds and subsequent investments – participants had to keep in mind a myriad of factors while making their investmentdecisions.

Participants had to essentially create their own virtual tradingecosystem, by selecting their unique terms of brokerage and bidding conditions.

An Irking time crunch, also had a hand in pushing participants to the brink, and judged their temperament under pressure.


E-Finanza 2019, achieved everything it set out to, and then some. With a total footfall of 200+ students, the ambition of the organizing committee and Fin-S members was in the end – not in vain. Participants went back, expecting far more from any subsequent DU event they may visit.



FinS- the finance society of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College organised an interactive session on Career Opportunities in Finance on 31 October 2018. The session was taken by Mr. Vikram Miglani, an eminent chartered financial analyst and financial risk manager.

Mr. Miglani shared his valuable experience of more than 13 years in banking and finance with the students and informed them about the various career opportunities in the financial world. Around …… students attended the session.

After discussing the skills and knowledge required to ace in the financial world, Mr. Miglani discussed two career options in detail, namely Financial Risk Management (FRM) and Chief Financial Analyst (CFA). He explained the course structure and the pattern of exams one needs to crack in order to get these certifications.

The session became quite interactive when students came up with their doubts and Mr. Miglani actively answered them.  Overall, the career counselling session successfully catered to the needs of young finance enthusiasts and gave them a lot of clarity regarding how to build a career in finance.



Fin-S, the Finance Club is a student run organisation which aims at enriching the financial aptitude among its members through various initiatives and seminars.
  • A Freshers’ Intra College Mock stock Competition to help the newbies learn the working of the stock market through skilfully designed simulations of financial problems was organized.
  • September 20, 2017: An inspiring and knowledge enriching talk by Mr. Paresh Gupta, an alumnus of SRCC, Chartered Accountant, an MBA from London School of Business and an entrepreneur was organized. He has been 3 times TEDx Speaker, is Guest Columnist at The Indian Economist, Startup Mentor and Advisor at CIIE SRCC, IITs, IIMs, NMIMS, and many other institutions. 
  • To expand the social outreach and experience fun filled learning, the finance club undertook initiatives like “FinArt” (the financial Articles), “FinFact” (Interesting facts in the field of finance) & “WordsWorth” (a descriptive explanation of key financial terms) briefing The Economic Times. In order to stay updated with the on-going financial and economic issues around the world were undertaken.
  • The Annual Finance fest: Finanza was organized on February 19, 2018 experienced a high footfall of students from colleges of Delhi University and other Universities in the Delhi-NCR region. The event provided a highly enriching experience for participants. They were acquainted with the rudiments of stock markets and portfolio management and had an opportunity where the sponsors like CIMA, LIC, Delhi School of Business, IMS, International College of Financial Planning were in direct touch with the students.


This year the activites of the club commenced with a Mock Stock competition organized on November, 7, 2016. Next in the series was organisation of a financial quiz followed by an activity related to Financial Analysis of a company on November 9, 2016. - How to invest in Stock Market‖, a one day workshop was conducted by Mr. Siddhant Goel, CEO of Finlife, New Delhi on November 10, 2016. During the workshop students were acquainted with the stock market fundamentals and online trading. During March, 2017, the club organized its annual Intercollege financial festival-Finanza 017, wherein more than 600 students participated from across the colleges and universities. On March29, 2017, club organized a seminar and finance quiz on Career in Finance by Actuation Careers, New Delhi. 


The Finance Club in association with Eptitude organized a two-day event ‘Financial Conclave 2.0’ in the month of August, 2015. Mr. AbhishekAnand and Mr. AnandVenkatesan, both the alumni of IIMs, assisted the participants in learning how to crack a case study and guided them in honingtheir analytical and reasoning abilities.

Finanza’16, two day annual fest of the society was organized on 11th and 12th March, 2016 with a participation of more than 100 students from various colleges of University of Delhi. It provided a juncture to the participants to assess their knowledge and skill in business, financial and economic arenas. It had four major events:  Capitalist Bulls- the Mock Stock Competition, Financial Monopoly, Investocrats and the All India Business Conclave. 
It is important for students to learn and understand about the economic and financial aspects happening around the world in order to have a successful financial future.  Finance society of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College is a foundation towards this direction which aims at imparting knowledge requisite for better understanding of the markets and global economy. 
In the current academic session that commenced from July 2014, the society welcomed its new members with a  training session to give them an insight into financial markets and a brief introduction on equity and derivative trading.
The finance society of DDUC organised a visit to NSE (National Stock Exchange), New Delhi on 15th October, 2014 with a view to learn more about the stock exchange. The experts at NSE briefed the group of finance buffs about the working of stock exchange and robust movement in share prices. The students were also apprised of the courses and certifications offered by NSE which could enhance their knowledge in the respective field.
A seminar on Technical analysis was conducted on 29th October, 2014 by Mr. Alok Sharma of International Institute of Financial Markets. The main objective of the seminar was to make the students learn about the key aspects of analysing the various trends in the stock market. They were also given an insight of the various career options in the field of finance. Overall the session turned out to be a fruitful one covering all the basics of finance.
With a core team of 30 members the society has published its first annual newsletter during this year. The theme of the newsletter revolves around the analysis of the core sectors of Indian economy along with an overall analysis of the performance of Indian economy in the year 2014. The newsletter will be released on the occasion of the annual festival of the society Finanza 2015 in April.