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Subject Society - Zest

Zest plagiarism workshop 2021


                     Zest, the department of English, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, University of Delhi, organized the “Zest Plagiarism Workshop” with Dr Pramesh Ratnakar as the speaker on the 26th of August 2021 at 12 pm on Google Meet. About sixty-six students attended the workshop. Dr Rohith P, the Teacher-in-charge, Dr Anubha Mukherji, Dr Jayini Adhyapak, Dr Lalit Kumar, Mr Ranbeer Kumar, Dr Mishail Sharma and Mr Chandrashekhar Yadav were also present. The event started with a welcome speech by Sneha R, President of Zest. The workshop was an eye-opener for the participants as it introduced them to the idea of plagiarism and ways and means to avoid it. Dr Pramesh Ratnakar explained in detail every aspect of plagiarism through a PowerPoint presentation. The presentation was followed by a discussion in which both teachers and students shared their opinions and thoughts. The students also expressed the manner in which the workshop made them aware of all the mistakes they had made while doing assignments and term papers. The Zest YouTube Team took a few photos of the session with teachers and students for archiving and records. The event was recorded and uploaded on the Zest YouTube Channel-

The program culminated with a vote of thanks proposed by Richa Sharma, Secretary of Zest.


























Subject Society - Zest

Election of ZEST OFFICE BEARERS’for the academic year 2021-2022


A meeting of ZEST,the subject society of English, for electing the Office-bearers for the academic year 2021-2022 was held onlinevia google meet at 11AM on the 30th of July2021. Fifteen students contested for various positions –  thePresident,the Secretary,the Vice-President and the Treasurer. The meeting began withaddresses by Dr.Rohith P, Dr.PrameshRatnakar, Dr.Anubha Mukherjee, Dr.JayiniAdhyapak, Dr.Lalit Kumar and Mr.Ranbeer Kumar.They emphasized on the responsibilities of the Zest Office Bearers, the need to maintain the Zest tradition and alsomentioned the issue of cyberbullying. The name of each candidate was then announced after which the contestant introduced herself/himselfand spoke on her/hisvisions on how to make Zest better. To make the voting confidential as well as fair, a Google form was created whose link was shared with the 2nd and 3rd years. Students were required to fill the form before 12:45 pm on the same day. After the commencement of the voting process, some of the teachers commented on the contestants’ speeches. While the counting was underway,a poem was recited by one of the students. The results were announced by the presentation of the proportion of votes received by each candidate using barcharts.The results were as follows-


President- Sneha R, Fifth semester

Secretary- Richa Sharma, Fifth semester

Vice President- Nandana P R, Third semester

Treasurer- Sheena, Third semester