Yavanika - Dramatics Club

Yavanika –The Theatre Society
Yavanika - The Theatre Society of DDUC was formed in 2000 and over time it has become a prominent society of DDUC.
  • Orientation Play: ‘One in Everyone’ is a street adaptation of Voltaire’s Socrates which conveyed how despite all odds Socrates aimed to convey one message till his last breathe. He wanted youth to use reasoning and logic before accepting an idea.
  • Annual Production: The play “Pyaar, Dewaar Ke Uss Paar” was of a comedy genre, a delicate and complex satire on the social and political structure of a village, where people are still caught up with their taboos of caste, religion, gender; where marrying outside one's caste is still unacceptable and is seen as a criminal act. 
  • August, 2017: Theatre workshops were organized under the direction of Mr. Happy Singh and the final production was staged on October 12, 2017. The play was also staged between October 24 – November 4, 2017 at IIT Roorkee, BITS Pilani, P.G.D.A.V college on Jan 11, 2018 and BIMTECH Noida on February 8, 2018.
  • Yavanika in collaboration with SUKHMANCH Theatre Group created a play 'Dastak' which highlighted crime against women. The group participated in the competition organized by Dy. Commissioner South Zone on Women related Issues and won 2nd prize.
Several workshops, performances, competitions, presentations and rehearsals marked the activities of the society during 2016-17. The year began with a Summer Workshop conducted from 20th June 2016 to 25th July 2016, in which the members explored and discussed texts by authors like Saadat Hasan Manto, Ismat Chugtai, G. Muktibodh and Bhishm Sahni. Using excerpts from these readings, the participants created a play titled ―MAKE UP – MADE UP‖. The play raised issues like body shaming, linguistic chauvinism and void. This was also the welcoming performance by Yavanika for the freshers. During 20th to 22nd September, the students participated in Udaan, an inter college nukkad natak competition and performed the street play ―Teen Tigaada, Kaam Bigaada‖, challenging superstitions. Based on their performances, five students were chosen for a special 5-day intense workshop in National School of Drama. The annual stage production ―Sikandar ki Jeet‖, under the direction and guidance of Mr. Ravi Taneja was staged on fourth and fifth November in the new auditorium.The play was a historical drama on Alexander‘s invasion of India and his quest for ultimate victory. It underlined the idea of ‗mann jeet, jag jeet‘ in the time of cut-throat competition and war-like situation. Another Stage performance ‗Cold Memories‘ directed by Prabhash Chandra was given on 20th Jan.2017 which was a stage adaptation of ―Revolutionary Road‖ (a 2008 American romantic movie directed by Sam Mendes). On the occasion of Netaji Subash Jayanti on 23rd Jan.2017, Yavanika was invited to perform
―Teen Tigaada, Kaam Bigaada‖, in Bahadurgarh. Yavanika participated in several college fests where its performances were immensely appreciated. At Chaos, IIM Ahmedabad‘s annual festival held in Jan 2017, the Yavanika Team stood 2nd in both stage and street play competitions. Two members, Ms. Sakshi Garg and Mr. Sanyam Sharma were awarded the titles of Ms. and Mr. Chaos respectively. On 4Th March 2017, the society organized Film-Mania, an intercollege shortfilm making competition as part of Kalrav, the annual cultural festival of the college. On 8 th April 2017, the society organized its annual convocation function for the third year students. 
Yavanika has been redefining dramatics over the years , and the performance done by its active members has added to the coinage. In this session we have produced four main productions. The first production of the year was “ Rang ja Maati ke Rang mein “ which was a self written and self directed skit , which portrayed the plight of Indian farmer. During this session we also embarked upon a workshop ( from 15 September 2014 to 28 October 2014) under the guidance of Shri Devendra Raj Ankur, Ex-director Annual Report 2014-15 5 National School of Drama , and produced our annual production “ Kissa Maujpur Ka “ written by Shri Jayvardhan. The play portrayed a village that shows a distinct preference for a male child and prides itself in asserting male chauvinism. The play was staged at Sri Ram Centre, Mandi House on 28th Oct 2014. Thereafter it was staged at various colleges like Miranda House, Sri Ram College of commerce, Mata Sundri College and BITS Pilani. It secured FIRST position at Oasis, the annual cultural festival of BITS Pilani. Yavanika’s thirst for learning and exploring new things led to a studio performance that engaged the audience in a profound experience. The studio performance titled “ I Can…..Can We ? was showcased in MPR on 12th and 13th Jan 2015. It spoke about the “Gender imprisonment” of a male and female in the current society and inspired us to break those gender ties and make a human society. The traditional Nukkad Nataks are a significant way of highlighting issues and educating masses easily. Yavanika , performed its street production “ Ek Kadam Badlaav ka” at Antardhwani’15. The play addresses major contemporary issues like religion & gender discrimination .