Kalamkaar-Literary Society


The significance of creativity cannot be overseen in this era of freedom of speech, thought and expression. The medium of expression can vary based on the hidden talent. Kalamkaar-The Literary Society of College, caters to this need of the hour and endeavours to provide a platform to the students to express themselves. The Literary wing strengthens the art of writing whereas Fine arts wing helps to surface the painting and sketching talent of students. Without expression the mind is a full vessel, a sponge saturated- new ideas, new knowledge and learning can easily flow off and go to waste. With an aim of fostering the creative potential of expression amongst students, KalamKaar organizes literary activities viz. creative writing, poetical recitation both at intra- and inter- college level. The year witnessed a plethora of events under its aegis.

On 22 August, 2016 a Poetry Writing competition was organized on the occasion of "Aazadi 70". The patriotic theme of the competition was 'Yaad Karo Kurbani'. The contestants were given a short time to write their celebration of the martyrs who built our nation. The event was a bilingual one. Some wonderful pieces turned up.

Further on 6th September, 2016- Inaugural Lecture by Shri Niloptal Mrinal, winner of a Sahitya Academy Award (2016) for his best-selling book, Dark Horsebecame a remarkable day in the long journey of KalamKaar since its inception in 2015.  The students seemed to be really enthusiastic about it all and soon the lecture theatre was jam-packed with numerous creative young minds.  Principal, Dr. S. K. Garg inspired the young writers with a few words of encouragement. He discussed about various aspects of creative writing, form of language to be used and the themes to be tackled, amongst other things.

Continuing with the journey on the occasion of Hindi Diwas on14th September, 2016 members of KalamKaar assembled together and shared their poems and other writings. The importance of Hindi was discussed. Hindi poetry was celebrated. It was a wonderful, enriching experience. To give a live platform to the creative expression of students a wall magazine was set up on   22nd September, 2016 where students display their writings, sketches and paintings on regular basis.On  23rd September, 2016 evening kalamkaars gathered to felicitate and encourage some of the new members of team.On 26th October, 2016 one day an intercollege festival, "AURORA", was held. It comprised of four events, viz.1) KlipKamalin which a short video clip was shown to the contestants and they were asked to write prose or poetry based on it, 2) Inkheartwhere a set of words were given to the contestants and using those words, they were required to spin a poem or a story in English,3) Brush & Me a painting competition, organized by the Fine-Arts wing and 4)Julius Quizzer, a literature quiz competition, organized in collaboration with Sangyaan, the Quizzing Society.

This was followed by Anniversary Celebrations of Kalamkaar on 23rd January, 2017. With a great deal of fervour the members of the society met in a Lecture Theatre. The interesting history of its formation and the journey of KalamKaar over the past two years were shared.  The recitation of wonderful pieces of poetry took place. The website designed by Keshav Kant was officially launched. Adding yet another dimension to the Literary Society, Kalamkaar Literature Festival (KLF) was organised on 3rd February, 2017.

KLF initiated with the awakening light of literature in the air of DDUC when after the ceremonial lamp-lighting by the Principal and the guests, Dr. Rituparna read out some precious words from his book and inspired the young, budding minds for some serious creative work.Later, an interactive session took place under guidance of guest of honour Mrs. Renu Husaain, speakers Ms. Anshu Pathak and Prakhar Malviya 'Kanha',giving their insights on 'the Impact of Indian literature on personality development of youth. Further, second discussion session initiated by a prominent feminist, Jayanthi Ranganathan and author of 'Voter Mata ki Jai', Pratishtha Singhraised the level of KLF to its peak. They enlightened the audience on modern feminism, sharing their own experiences.Thereafter, writer, Mr. Amitesh Singh presented his book ' Ismat Aapa' which was followed by interactive session on the life of Ismat Chugtai.KLF concluded when Mr. Rachit Dixit took the surge of serious literature discussions to a light-heartened, mesmerizing performance, presenting his songs and shayaris. Finally KLF was brought to end by the words of the Student Convener Tej Tarun. The mesmerizing and eye-catching exhibition of paintings and sketches was organised by Fine-arts members of the society.

On 2nd March 2017, Kalamkaar –Rashtriya Kavi Sammelan was organised which witnessed a footfall of around 600 students. Renowned poets recited their poems inspiring youth to express their views whenever wherever required. Kalamkaar –Literary society is attempting to provide a platform of expression to all students elucidating their hidden talents.

Important Links

  • February 3, 2017: Kalamkaar Literature Festival (KLF) was organized which involved learning the art of sketching to depict modern feminism. People enjoyed the plunge in the literature river. Dr. Suresh Rituparna, an eminent writer was Chief Guest of the event. Various other dignitaries and renowned persons from literature field viz. Ms. Anshu Pathak, Ms. Renu Hussain, Ms Pratibha presented their views in different sessions. 
  • March 2, 2017: The same echo evolved into a roar with Kalamkaar Kavi Sammelan's which was a night filled with love, comedy and gratitude to the soldiers. Famous poets, viz. Dr. Rahul Awasthi, Ms Gauri Mishra, Mr Ajatshatru, Mr. Prakhyat Mishra and Dr. Suresh Awasthi spellbound the audience with their awesome renditions of geets and poems.
  • April, 2017: A farewell party, “Odyssey-2017” was organised by the juniors and an online contest was announced where the participants were asked to write a letter to their 15 year old self. 
  • August 17, 2017: The Inaugural Ceremony was held for the academic session 2017-18 where various poets and storytellers presented themselves. 
  • September 31, 2017: A poster making competition was organised by Fine Arts Wing – Canvas, in collaboration with ISIC (Indian Spinal Injuries Center) on the theme "Disability is Not Inability" to make students realize the importance of empathy over sympathy.
  • Open Charcha and Let’s Talk: An online initiative in August was taken to discuss some of the regular issues of day to day life on a social platform i.e. Facebook. Various nano tales, stories, poems and idealisitic views were discussed every week. 
  • October 10, 2017: A session on creative writing in Hindi and Urdu was mentored by our alumni, Mr. Satish Kumar (batch 2017, B.Sc (H) Mathematics).
  • October 12-13, 2017: Intercollege Festival – AURORA: On day 1 an interactive session was organized where Rahul Kaushik author of - The Melting Words summarized his journey up and down the hill of e-media and emotions. Continuing with the waves of creativity second session was dedicated to train youngsters for how to paint their ideas and emotions on canvas by trainer and painter Mrs. Somali Bakshi. AURORA further witnessed various competitions like Klip Kamal, Anjuman, Rangrez and Quiz Kong on day 2.
  • Throughout the year different competitions like Nano tale Competition on Instagram captured the limelight of the viewers. - Kavi Rao Ajatshatru, Kalamkaar Kavi Sammelan 2018 - Kavi Shambhu Shikhar, Kalamkaar Kavi Sammelan 2018 - Kavi Shri Tej Narayan, Kalamkaar Kavi Sammelan 2018 - Kavi Gajendra Solanki, Kalamkaar Kavi Sammelan 2018 - Shayara Mumtaz Naseem,Kalamkaar Kavi Sammelan 2018 - Dr. Charu Kalra, Convener, Kalamkaar Kavi Sammelan 2018 - Nitanshi, Kalamkaar Kavi Sammelan, 2018 - Sudhan Singh Kaintura, Kalamkaar Kavi Sammelan, 2018