Mentoring and Counselling

The Mentoring and Counselling committee under the convenorship of Dr. Anubha Mukherji Sen and competent guidance of senior faculty comprising Dr. Pramesh Ratnakar , Dr. Sujata Sinha, Dr. Vandana Gupta, and Dr. Manoj Saxena , initiated a good practice in the college last year by organising a series of group counselling sessions for the staff and students of the college . These counselling sessions were conducted in collaboration with trained experts and psychologists from a wellness company Zyego. The counsellors are experienced in creating awareness and  providing tips on emotional well being and conflict resolutions. The response to these interactive group sessions have been very encouraging with the participation of about 50 teachers and about 300 plus students and 25 Non Teaching Staff , in the last 7 sessions. The teachers were also given a participation certificate. The sessions were based on the following topics and were well received .
  1. The Spaces we create together : a session exclusively meant for the teaching faculty.
  2. Relations on a ship  
  3. Emotional abuse in relationships 
  4. Impact of social media on relationships 
  5. Body Image : Issues,  Inpact & Management 
  6. Dealing with Exam Stress 
  7. Baaton Baaton Mein : an exclusive session for the Non Teaching Staff of the college.