Principal's Desk


Dear Students

Welcome to the DDUC parivar.

Higher Education does not simply mean an arithmetic progression from Class XII to an Undergraduate Programme. It means, a qualitative leap into matured thinking, responsible conduct and taking charge of one’s career and life ahead. It is a leap not onto a stepping-stone but onto a path of lifelong learning. In the three-year time that you will spend here, our endeavour shall be to usher you to this path. So, look forward to an exciting year and fulfilling and fulfilled stay at the college.

You will be the first batch of a three-year choice based-credit system of undergraduate studies. This is a nation-wide, uniform curriculum implemented by the University Grants Commission. The underlying spirit has been to facilitate inter-university migration and transfer of academic credits. Thus, if you choose or need to migrate to some other university within India and eventually abroad during the currency of a programme, you will be able to do so and take your credits earned along. You will not have to start afresh. The word ‘choice’ implies the doing away with the rigidities of a fixed curriculum. You shall have a bouquet of papers to choose from and design, as if it were, your own subject combinations from your own core discipline, other disciplines and skill based courses. We shall handhold you in making the right choices.

Managing transition, however, is not easy. We have learnt this art through successful transition from annual to the semester mode, from a three-year to a four-year and back to three-year undergraduate programme. To facilitate the transition further, we are embarking on a student-mentoring programme with a view to attending to your scholastic, coscholastic and extra-curricular -activity related needs and requirements. We have designed an academic calendar too, that we shall be duly unveiling. During the upcoming year we shall also be relocated to our new campus at Dwarka. It shall be our collective responsibility to ensure that our migration to the new locality and transition to the new building is smooth.

Feel free to share your aspirations, accomplishments and anxieties with your mentors. You are most welcome to get in touch with me at