Photograph Name Ms. PRATIMA
Email Id Date Of Join 22/10/1997
Designation Associate Professor Mobile No
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Educational Qualifications
Degree Institution Year
B.Sc.(H) Physics University of Delhi 1992
M.Sc. Physics University of Delhi 1994
Career Profile

Joined the college in 1995 as a lecturer on ad-hoc basis. was given permanent positon in 1997. got promoted as an associate professor in 2008. Teaching experience in the college is around 23 years.

Administrative Assignments

Worked in different committees of the college over the years, was Teacher In-charge of Physics department from March 2014 to March 2016. Currently member of admission committee.

Areas of Interest / Specialization

High Temperature Superconductors

Subjects Taught

For last five years taught various subjects:

Mechanics in Physics (H) I sem and B.Sc. Physical Science I sem

Nuclear and Particle Physics in Physics (H) V sem 

Solid state Physics in B.Sc. Physical science VI sem

Elements of Modern Physics in B.Sc. Physical science V sem

Research Guidance
Publications Profile

1. Dissipation in granular BiPbSrCaCuO, G. L. Bhalla and Pratima: Modern Physics Lett. B vol 14 No. 29 (2000)

2. Dissipation mechanism in a high Tc BiPbSrCaCuO granular superconductor, G.L. Bhalla, Pratima, Amita Malik and K.K. Singh: Physica C 391(2003) 

3.On the dissipation mechanism in polycrystalline Ba2YCu3O7 superconductor, G. L. Bhalla and Pratima: Physica C 406 (2004)

4. Modified Ambegaokar-Halperin Model and dissipation in polycrystalline Ba2YCu3O7 superconductor : Modern Physics Letteres B vol. 18 No. 2&3 (2004)

5. Vortex-antivortex behaviour and thermally activated phase slip in a polycrystalline YBCO superconductor, G.L. Bhalla and Pratima: Superconductor Science and Technology vol 20 (2007).

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