Photograph Name Dr ANJU AGARWAL
Email Id Date Of Join 18/07/1995
Designation Associate Professor Mobile No
Web Page
Educational Qualifications
Degree Institution Year
Ph.D. Delhi University 1995
M.E.Computer Technology and Applications DTU, Delhi 2004
B.Sc.(H) Physics Miranda House,DU 1987
M.Sc.(Physics) with spec. in Electronics Miranda House,DU 1989
Career Profile
Administrative Assignments

Member of Department-Research-Council (DRC) of Department of Physics & Astrophysics for the period 29.08.2020 to 28.08.2022

Member of Committee of Courses for Under Graduate Studies in Physics for the period from 05.09.2021 to 04.09.2023

Teacher-In-Charge : Department of Physics and Electronics from 2003 - 2005

Convenor of Staff Council Committees:

  • Website Maintenance Committee
  • Magazine Committee
  • Robotics Club
Areas of Interest / Specialization

Areas of Interest:

  • C++ and Scilab Programming.
  • VERILOG and FPGA Programming.
  • Embedded system Programming and Robotics
Subjects Taught
Visiting Faculty at Delhi College of Engineering:
  • BE - Computer Graphics
  • BE - System Analysis and Design
  • ME - Computer Graphics
  • ME - Computer System Architecture

Papers taught at DDUC:

  • Numerical Analysis
  • Mathematical Physics
  • 8085 Architecture and Programming
  • Digital system and Applications
  • Verilog and FPGA based System Design
  • Analog system and Applications
  • Light and Matter
Research Guidance
Publications Profile

Twelve Publications

  1. First-principles study on the structural, elastic, electronic, optical and thermophysical properties of NaNO3 and K-doped NaNO3 Physica Scripta vol 99, 2024
  2. Controllable nonlinear effects in a hybrid magnonical semiconductor microcavity Journal of Optical Society of America B vol 41, 2024
  3. Effect of annealing temperature on structural, optical, magnetic and electrical properties of CrFeO3 multiferroic nanoparticles: A validation to first-principle calculations  Journal of Alloys and Compounds  vol 929, 2022
  4. Complex model optical potential for electron scattering from Oxygen  Zeit fur Phys. D Vol. 37, No. 3, June 1996.
  5. Total cross sections for electron scattering by oxides of  Iron Physics Letters A 198, issue 3, pp. 225-227, 1995.
  6. Gauge Parameters for extrapolation of oscillator strengths of E1 Transitions along the Boron Isoelectronic sequence  Zeit fur Phys. D  Vol. 33, No. 3, Sep. 1995.
  7. M1 Transition Probabilities between fine structure components 2LJ (L ≥1) Zeit fur Phys. D  Vol. 33, No. 3, Sep. 1995.
  8. Systematic trends in the line strengths of E1 transitions in the Carbon Isoelectronic sequence Zeit fur Phys. D  Vol. 33, No. 1, March 1995.
  9. Systematic trends in the line strengths of E1 transitions in the Oxygen Isoelectronic sequence Pramana-Journal of Physics Vol. 43, No. 6, pp. 477-485,   Dec. 1994.
  10. Total cross sections for electron scattering from Iron at 10-5000 eV using a model optical potential Zeit fur Phys. D  Vol. 31, pp. 5-11, March 1994.
  11. Line Strengths and transition probabilities for allowed transitions FeXXI Zeit fur Phys. D Vol. 28, No. 2,  pp. 105-108, June 1993.
  12. Gauge parameters for dipole transitions in Oxygen and Carbon Isoelectronic Sequences Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics Vol. 31, pp. 297-302,  May 1993.
Conference Organization/ Presentations (in the last three years)
Research Projects (Major Grants/Research Collaboration)
Awards and Distinctions
  1. Best Project Implementation Award: Mentored the project titled "next-gen vision kit" for the e-Yantra National Finals 20 held on July 10th-12th,2020. The Robotics competition was conducted by IIT, Mumbai. 
  2. Won The Regional FINALS of eYIC-2020 held at KR Mangalam University and were among 21 Finalists
  3. Won the consolation Prize in e-Yantra Robotics Teacher Competition 2013 conducted by IIT Bombay.
  4. Award of Junior Research Fellowship, CSIR-1989
  5. Award of Senior Research Fellowship, CSIR-1991
Association With Professional Bodies
Other Activities

Mentor of the project:

  1. Smart Patient Assistant- in the e-Yantra Ideas Competition (eYIC-2019) conducted by IIT Bombay.
  2. Next Gen Vision Kit in e-Yantra Ideas Competition(eYIC-2020) conducted by IIT Bombay

FDP/Workshops Attended:

  1. One-Week Online National Faculty Development Program “Python: Essentials, Programming and Analytics” jointly organized by University of Delhi and Guru Angad Dev Teaching Learning Centre, SGTB Khalsa College, University of Delhi: 27 Oct 2022- 3 Nov 2022
  2. Attended 4 week Blended online workshop on the topic TRANSITION TO ONLINE FACILITATION conducted by NPTEL, IIT MADRAS:6MAy-3June2020
  3. Attended a Two- Day Workshop on the topic “Introduction to Robotics “, conducted by IIT Bombay on 24-25 September 2013 at CIC, Delhi University.

Resource Person and Coordinator of the workshops conducted in the college:

  1. Getting started with Arduino workshop - 15-16 January 2016
  2. Getting started with Arduino workshop - 5-6 Feb. 2016
  3. Two-day Workshop on Make Your Own Bot - 12-13 Jan. 2017
  4. Intercollege Workshop on Make Your Own Bot 9-10 March 2017
  5. Training on Spark V- AtMega 16 microcontroller based Robotic Platform - 3 October 2018
  6. Workshop on “Assemble Bluetooth Controlled Bot and Obstacle Avoidance Bot” - 4October 2018
  7. Two-day Intercollege Workshop on Design and Development of sensors guided and Bluetooth controlled Bots - 28-29 January 2019
  8. One Day Workshop on 3D Modelling with Fusion 360- 27Sept. 2019

Resource Person in the Workshop:

  1. “Design and Development of Sensors guided and Bluetooth Controlled Robotics” workshop for B.Tech students at School of Engineering, JNU  on 27-30 October 2018.   
  2. Design and Development Of Sensors Guided Bots,  Two Day Workshop at School of Engineering, JNU, Delh on 9-10 Nov. 2019.
  3. "Introduction to Robotics”  workshop at DDUC on 26,27,29 September 2014  

Co-ordinator of the workshops organised in the college:

  1. UAV/Drone Training -24 October 2016
  2. Two-day Firebird V workshop -12,13 Dec. 2016
  3. Two-Day workshop on Make Your Own Bot - 12,13 January 2017
  4. Three-day workshop on Getting started with Arduino- 28,29 30 March 2017
  5. Introduction To Arduino workshop- 17 August 2018
  6. Two-Day Workshop on Firebird V - Robotic Research Platform -13-14 September 2018
  7. Intercollege Workshop on “FPGA Programming using Verilog” - 16 March 2019.
  8. Technical Workshop on Introduction to Robotics -7 August 2019
  9. One Day Workshop on PCB Designing- 17 Sept. 2019
  10. One Day Workshop on IOT and Proteus- 17 Feb. 2020


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