Photograph Name Dr SACHIN MITTAL
Email Id Date Of Join 20/02/2001
Designation Associate Professor Mobile No
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Educational Qualifications
Degree Institution Year
M.Sc. (Chemistrty) University of Delhi 1996
B.Sc. (Chemistrty) Hindu College, University of Delhi 1994
Ph. D. (Chemistrty) University of Delhi 2000
Career Profile
Administrative Assignments

Bursar (April 1, 2021 - till date)

Teacher-In-Charge, Department of Chemistry (July 01, 2020 - till date)

Areas of Interest / Specialization

Coordination Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry

Subjects Taught

B.Sc.(H) Chemistry Sem IV

B.Sc.(Physical Sc.) Chemistry V Sem

B.Sc.(Physical Sc.) Chemistry VI Sem

B.Sc.(Life Sc.) V Sem

B.Sc.(Life Sc.) VI Sem


Research Guidance
Publications Profile
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  2. Rakesh Kumar Sharma, Sachin Mittal, Mihkel Koel, “Analysis of Trace Amounts of Metal Ions Using Silica-Based Chelating Resins: A Green Analytical Method”, Critical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry33 (2003) 183-197.

  1. B.S. Garg, R.K. Sharma, J.S. Bist, N. Bhojak, Sachin Mittal, “Separation and preconcentration of metal ions and their estimation in vitamin, steel and milk samples using o-vanillin-immobilized silica gel”, Talanta, 48(1) (1999) 49-55.
  2. R. K. Sharma, S. Mittal, S. Azami, A. Adholeya, “Surface modified silica gel for extraction of metal ions: an environment friendly method for waste treatment”, Surface Engineering21(3) (2005) 232 237.

DOI: 10.1179/174329405X50082

  1. Parul Singh, S Mittal, R K Sharma, “Solid phase extraction and estimation of cadmium using glycine immobilized cellulose chelating resin”, Indian Journal Of Chemical Techology, 14 (2007) 204-208.
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  3. B.S. Garg, R.K. Sharma, J.S. Bist, N. Bhojak, Sachin Mittal, Shallu Sindhwani, “Column chromatographic preconcentration of cobalt and zinc with 3-hydroxy-4-imino (N-2'-pyridyl)-2-methylnaphthalen-1-one adsorbed on naphthalene and their estimation in vitamin and milk samples”, Indian Journal of Chemistry Section A, 39A(05) (2000) 564-566.
  4. B.S. Garg, RK Sharma, R. Shrestha, Sachin Mittal, M. Sarbhai, “Metal-pyridylcarboxypropanamide (PCPAH) and metal-pyridylcarboxybenzamide (PCBAH) interactions: Stability constant, chemical speciation and molecular modelling studies”, Indian Journal of Chemistry Section A , 41A (08) (2002) 1625-1628.
  5. Parvesh Sharma, Bablu Swaika, Sachin Mittal, R.K. Sharma, S.K. Sindhwani, “Solution and molecular modeling studies on some bivalent metal complexes of higher analogues of biologically active 1,3-diaryl-4, 5, 6-pyrimidinetrione- 2-thioxo-5-oxime”, Indian Journal of Chemistry Section A, 40A(10) (2001) 1076-1081.
  6. RK Sharma, Deepti Goel, Sachin Mittal, Shallu Sindhwani, “Chemical speciation and molecular modelling studies on interaction of cephalothin with metal ions”, Indian Journal of Chemistry, Section A, 40A(06), (2001) 616-618.


Conference Organization/ Presentations (in the last three years)
Research Projects (Major Grants/Research Collaboration)

1. Co-investigator UGC   (Minor Res Project)     Rs. 40,000/       (2006)     

Awards and Distinctions

'Exemplary Contribution Award' from Chairman, Governing Body, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College for leading the team NIRF on the occasion of Annual Day, Apri 20, 2018

Association With Professional Bodies

Member, Indian Society of Analytical Scientists (LMT-2006/10)

Other Activities
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